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Reward YourSELF

In today’s busy society, we often dedicate our time, money and energies to other people, whether it be family, friends, or job-related activities. Rarely, do we take the time to give ourselves the attention that we both need and deserve.

Now it’s finally time to reward yourSELF!

At Dankner Eye Associates, we now have three ways that you can reward the SELF. Let us help you to….See better, Look better, and Feel better.

Reward your…..SIGHT

Do you want to eliminate your need for glasses?  People of all ages seek to rejuvenate their eyes and make their vision younger. Fortunately, modern technology allows patients of all ages to improve their vision.

Intraocular Lens | BronxOur younger patients can eliminate their need for glasses by reducing near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. Dr. Dankner uses the VISIX iLASIK system, the most advanced computerized laser technology. Reward yourSELF…choose customized iLASIK procedure so you can see better!

Patients with cataracts can now enjoy the advantages of a premium intraocular lens. Using this lens, Dr. Dankner is able to replace your dirty cataract lens with a new customized lens that may reduce or eliminate your need for glasses. Reward yourSELF… choose a premium lens so that you may eliminate your need for glasses and see better!


Reward your….LOOKS

Botox Cosmetic | BronxWhen you look in the mirror, do you see someone older than you would like?  Do you see wrinkles and droopy eyelids that you wish weren’t there? Unfortunately, our environment has taken a toll on the way we look.  UV rays compounded with our natural aging process have caused us to look older than we would like.  Fortunately, new aesthetic technologies including BOTOX and Collagen Fillers, combined with eyelid surgery and face peeling techniques can help you to improve your looks. Wouldn’t it be nice to look in the mirror and see your younger self again? Reward yourSELF .... choose aesthetic procedures so you can look younger!

Reward the way you FEEL!

Do you suffer from Diabetes and/or Hypertension?  Do you know that these diseases can also affect your eyes? Diabetic Retinopathy is one of the leading causes of vision loss if not diagnosed and treated early. Dr. Dankner and his staff are dedicated to helping patients to early detect diabetes and hypertension.  Dr. Dankner coordinates the control of diabetes with your primary care physician.  Feel good about yourself, knowing that you have done all you can to help your disease stay under control. Reward yourSELF…feel better and schedule special diagnostic tests to evaluate the extent of diabetes and hypertension in your eye.

Glaucoma Treatment | BronxDo you suffer from glaucoma?  You may not know. Usually, there are no symptoms until damage has been done to your eye. Hispanics, African Americans and senior citizens have a higher incidence of developing high pressure in their eye called glaucoma. When was the last time you were tested for this disease? Reward yourSELF…get early detection tests so you will feel better knowing you have prevented your vision loss.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Here at Dankner Eye Associates, we believe that the Quality of Our Care Can Be Seen Through Your Eyes…



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